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Licensed Health Insurance Broker

Experienced Life Insurance Advisor

Specializing in providing the best health and life insurance for nurse contractors, travel nurses, and small business owners.

Meet Leila

Licensed Health Insurance Broker

​I am Leila Eslambolchi, a Licensed Health Insurance Broker specializing in private healthcare designed specifically for travel nurses and other independent healthcare providers. I also specialize in group coverage for small businesses. 


I empathize with the challenges and stress of searching for the right healthcare plan while providing healthcare for others. 

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I am proud of my partnership with Power Up Nursing, a national network of nurses, and that I am a preferred provider and consultant for all nurse health and life insurance needs.


If you give me a chance and reach out, you'll discover that my insurance plans can make a difference for you and your family.

Drawing upon my extensive experience as an insurance broker, I offer nationwide PPOs, private healthcare options, and comprehensive and affordable coverage. It doesn't matter where you're working in the country; I can get you covered. 

  • I am licensed in 40 states

  • I have insurance broker-access to over 30 carriers offering nationwide PPO coverage

  • My main focus is private health insurance for individuals, families and small businesses

Important Information

  • My ideal client is an independent contractor (1099), traveling nurse, business owner. I want to get you the most insurance coverage for what you can afford.

  • I specialize in serving insured persons who have uncovered dependents

  • I offer expert information on Affordable Care Act (marketplace) and how to navigate pre-existing conditions and low income situations

  • I specialize as well in private health Insurance for healthier individuals with limited or no pre-existing conditions and income above $45,000 (individuals) or $100,000 (households)

A Special Welcome to Travel Nurses
I have recommended Leila to several people. Her no-pressure approach and access to great insurance plans at a good price is a great experience. Everyone has thanked me for the referral. I trust her expertise.

-Tanya A.

I just want to say I had a wonderful experience with Leila helping us pick out health insurance. My husband's contract ends tomorrow, and our insurance ends by the end of the month. Leila was able to accommodate us on short notice to come up with medical, dental, and vision. I never thought I could get coverage with my pre-exisiting issues,  so she really took that into account and figured out the best options for us. Now I don't have to worry if I take time off during assignments I'm still covered.

- Dede, Travel Nurse

I am a nurse practitioner that just opened my own practice that's growing. I know that to keep my small team happy offering an affordable group health insurance policy is important. When I foundo out that Leila had started small group plans, I asked for her to help. Her research was an amazing and I ended up with a plan that both I and my staff can afford.

- Kim, NP

I know we all have health insurance on the back of our minds. I just met with with Leila, a healthcare insurance agent who specializes in nurses and she was able to find us a plan that we could afford even with my pre-existing issues. I am so grateful because now if I take extra time off between assignments, I know I am covered, and if I change up my travel agencies, it's not a problem. I really recommend that everyone in need of insurance for themselves and their families, give her a call. 

- Will, Travel Nurse

In the confusing world of healthcare, I am so relieved to know that I have a broker like Leila. From her dedication to answering my numerous questions, I know I can count on her for anything related to my health insurance needs, If you are a travel nurse, tired of losing your health insurance every time a contract ends, please contact Leila, she's best.

- Karen G, Travel Nurse

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What’s the difference between private healthcare and ACA?


ANSWER: Private health insurance qualifies you based off of your health and your age. ACA qualifies you based off of your income.


How do I know which health insurance plan would be best for me? (Private vs ACA?) 


ANSWER: It’s all circumstantial, but typically people that are healthier like to go for the Private health insurance option. They are more affordable and give a PPO network. People that have a lot of pre-existing conditions and need more coverage must go for the ACA plan, especially if they are low income as they will qualify for a subsidy to lower their premium.


What is the difference between the different types of networks (EPO, HMO, PPO?)


ANSWER: An EPO is the most limited type of network with the least amount of doctors. An HMO has a good amount of doctors but needs a referral each time you go to see a specialist and not everyone accepts it. PPO which stands for preferred provider is the largest work where you can typically go to any doctor and hospital without a referral. 


If I have employer coverage, am I allowed to get private healthcare if it’s more affordable to add my family members?


ANSWER: This can be tricky and circumstantial, but from my experience for the most part if you can find a more affordable option through private healthcare, which almost always is the case you are able to cancel your coverage through your employer and get something better through private insurance.


I’m planning to leave my job to become Self Employed. My coverage under my current employer will end the last day of the month. Do I qualify for a special enrollment period To get A health insurance plan that would take effect the first of next month or do I have to take Cobra to continue Benefits? 


ANSWER: You do not have to continue a plan with Cobra unless you want to. You qualify for a special enrollment. If you’re employer, sponsored insurance is ending even if you have an option to extend with Cobra. Your special enrollment window begins 60 days before your Coverage ends, and you’ll be able to complete your en Day your coverage ends Effective the first of the following month. Also, Cobra can be extremely expensive compared to other private health insurance Options. 


Can I enroll in private insurance year round or do I have to wait until open enrollment in November?


ANSWER: The beauty of private health insurance is that it is available year-round. Unlike the ACA marketplace plans, you can enroll at any time without a Qualifying event or special enrollment period. 


What’s the best type of coverage out there for my needs?


ANSWER: This is all circumstantial, depending on the type of usage. If you are someone that goes to the doctor a lot and gets labs, x-rays, and our hospitalized frequently, you might want to go with a marketplace plan. If you are very healthy and don’t want to pay a large premium and want the plan to cover doctor visits, prescriptions and basic needs then you would go with a private health insurance option, it’s all based on an individual need. 


Do all health insurance plans cover maternity?


ANSWER: No. Private health insurance plans do not cover pregnancy or maternity marketplace ACA plans do cover it.


As of right now, which states offer their own health exchange through the ACA?


ANSWER: As of right now, these are the following states that we cannot offer marketplace plans to. You have to be living in that state as a health insurance agent/broker to sell the plan to a client in this state. KY, PA, NV, CO, MD, CA, ME, NJ. 


What are the best child only policies?


ANSWER: The best type of child only policy if there is no adult on the insurance plan would be through the private healthcare sector.

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